Dating 1.0

MrKellys.jpg Mr. Kelly's,
Site of the First Date

Libby really interested Mike, and he soon asked her out.   He wanted to do something special, so he made reservations at Mr. Kelly's, a popular night club in the swishy Rush Street area of Chicago.   There was dinner and a show, which featured The Kingston Trio, one of the hottest folk singing acts of the era.   Mike was into the '60s Folk Singing groups, and the Kingston Trio was the most popular of these groups (and happened to be playing in Chicago).

Other dates followed, at other places, including The Gate of Horn (The Limeliters, Gibson & Camp) and various places in Chicago's Old Town.   Mike wanted to impress this lovely lady: she was really special.   They had a total of about 5 dates.   On one, Mike took Libby to a dinner play, where they saw his father was appearing with Myrna Loy; after the play they got to meet Ms. Loy backstage.   Libby was impressed...

Gate of Horn The Gate of Horn

The most important of these dates wasn't at a fancy club or restaurant, but at Mike's parents' home, an apartment in Evanston.   This was a small dinner party they hosted for some professional friends of Maurice's...and Mike and Libby.  
Without this event, this story wouldn't exist.

The other couple attending was an old friend of Maurice's, a well-known radio announcer named Don Gordon and his wife, Maggie.   Don Gordon and Maurice had worked together in Chicago for many years, and Mike and his father had visited the Gordons at their summer home in Wisconsin years before.   Libby had, of course, met Maurice a few weeks earlier.

It was a lovely evening, with food Mike's mother cooked and fascinating conversation from Don and Maurice as they relived scenes and dialogs from shows they had worked on over the years.   They felt lucky to be there.   As Mike had grown up with immersion in radio, he vividly recalled much of the words and sounds - only he was reliving it "live" at the dinner table.

That evening had a real impact on Libby, because she remembered the address... [more]

927 Michigan Mike's Parents'

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