Internet Activities

Mike is a computer programmer, so it's natural that he became involved with the World Wide Web, commonly known as the Internet.   His first foray there was a way to post results from the RacePlace events that his timing & scoring software was processing.   After each race event was complete - and the results were printed and posted at the race site - Mike would get home and construct the code that he uploaded to the Internet site that linked to the results.   That site was and still is  

Posting Raceplace events' work products was not all Mike did, the development and maintenance of a calendar and announcements was an ongoing process, too.   This meant working closely with Rob Wallack, as well as travelling to out-of-town events.   As more and more new races were processed, he was always updating his software to accomodate new types of events and conditions.   His work at Honeywell/Bull became less challenging, so this extra work gave him the kind of work he needed to compensate.   However, the weekend travel became difficult for Libby, and the physical burden on both was taking its toll...

As the Raceplace business grew, Mike started collecting the result sets for all events he and Rob's business processed.   He also reformatted the information in ways it could be used for historical reference, but the RaceplaceEvents Web site had no place to post the information.   Mike's goal was to provide participants with the sort of metrics they like, beyond the specific event result information.   The amount of such information (over 30 years of data) is enormous, so Mike acquired a personal Web site and developed a place for such information to be available.   However, to date there is no link from the RaceplaceEvents site to Mike's information (it may never happen...).


Last Updated: May 28, 2022