Libby's Childhood Friends

Libby had a stable and conventional social childhood.   She had numerous friendships with girls in her neighborhood and school (Owensboro is a fairly small Midwestern town).

Her father's death from Parkinson's Disease greatly affected the family's situation.

She had essentially one boyfriend during school, a boy named Jim Yayman.   He had a hot car, and they hung out with the "fast crowd" in town.   It was a real-life "American Graffiti".

Libby wasn't "wild" by nature; it was innocent fun, and no one got in any real trouble.   The relationship with Jim ended when she went away to college.

Over the years, Libby maintains contact with 2 special friends, Pat (Vick) Blaber and Joyce (Snyder) Bouyer... [more]


Last Updated: September 5, 2019