Mike and Libby's Wedding

At the time, Libby was a cigarette smoker, but Mike wasn't.   He didn't like smoking, having never done so, and he wished that she didn't.   He "plotted" to convince her to stop this habit, and he started collecting her empty cigarette packs to show her how much she actually smoked.   Towards the end of the year he presented her with this volume of empty packs, and she then agreed to quit, vowing to go "cold turkey" on New Years Day.   She did just that, and to Mike's surprise and delight, hasn't smoked since!   Libby will jokingly admit that she had to quit smoking before Mike would marry her...but who knows how things would have worked out if she hadn't?

Wilmette Congregational Church

To Mike, this was a significant concession from her, and he tried to let her control all their wedding plans.   She already had her dress, which she had made (she sewed many of her clothes, a remarkable feat for a working girl), and did major work on her bridesmaids' dresses.   Having been through the process once, Libby knew what she wanted and how to do it.   Together they purchased her engagement ring (a semi-custom ring from a major jeweller in Chicago), as well as chose wedding bands for both of them - all fairly conventional stuff.  

The church and reception location were a different matter, as Libby didn't have a church and minister, nor did they want to have a reception at a "hall" facility like many Chicagoans did.  

Mike had attended a church in Wilmette much of his life, and his parents still went there.   The minister was a young man named Buckner Coe, and when the couple interviewed him Mike and Libby chose to have their ceremony there, at the Wilmette Congregational Church.   The wedding reception was another matter, because the church wasn't suitable.   Mike's parents offered to have the reception at their apartment - an interesting concept that would work because the crowd would be small (Libby didn't have many local friends to invite, and most of the invitees would come from Mike's parents' side).   His parents' apartment was the 2nd floor of a 3 story building, and they were close with both the neighbors upstairs and below.   The neighbors upstairs (Homer and Mildred Heck) offered to cater the reception, and Keith and Marion Manson in the apartment below supplied the flowers for the ceremony - extraordinary gifts from real friends!

927 Michigan
Wedding Reception Location
(2nd Floor)

The "wedding party" got somewhat complicated, because Libby's family wasn't complete and Mike had more family than was needed.   Libby enlisted her uncle, Wilbur Chapin, a banker from Louisville, to stand in for her father and asked a co-worker to be a bridesmaid.   One of Mike's sisters, Claudia, was another bridesmaid.   Libby's mother and sister came up from Owensboro and New Orleans, respectively.   The wedding went off as planned, and the reception was held at Mike's parents' place.   It was so special: intimate, modest and personal.  


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