Mike and Libby's Excellent Life (So Far...)
To the "Double-Nickel" and Beyond

This chronicle of the "life and times" of Mike and Libby Copeland, currently of Phoenix, Arizona, is dedicated to our family and friends, past and present.

Having completed more than 55 years of marriage (a "double nickel"), we're preserving our shared memories while we still have them.

Our apologies for any omissions and errors this contains (though positive exaggerations are deliberate...).

Please use the navigation links above to enjoy our stories.   This document is long and wordy (that's Mike's doing); these links provide easy access to specific people, places, and events that might be of interest to individual viewer(s).  

Please check out the Friends & Places link, where many people and places (and our connections to them) are identified.


Celebrating Our 50th Wedding Anniversary in Hawaii (2014)

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Last Updated: May 27, 2022